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ePower Announces Plans to Launch its Line of “Silent Engine” Power Supplies, in January, 2004

ePower’s new line of power supplies are designed to not only be quiet and efficient, but to protect the health of end users

City of Industry, Calif. (December 02, 2003) – ePower Technology Inc., a world leader in providing power supplies and other devices designed to make computing a safe, quiet, and enjoyable experience for its customers, today announced that its full line of quiet and safe power supply units, called Silent Engines (Jaguar, Cougar, Cheetah, and Lion), will be launched in early January, 2004. These power supply units take advantage of many of ePower’s patented and unique technologies targeted at keeping computer gamers and other users safe and healthy, while enjoying gaming without the roar of an outdated power supply unit (PSU).

“Our biggest concerns are the noise, the unstable display, and thermal problems that hinder users’ gaming experience,” says Scott Suo, Marketing Manager for ePower. At a 2003 Comdex party sponsored by ePower, a number of gamers agreed with Su during an evaluation of ePower’s gamer PSUs, finding them both extremely quiet and efficient at doing their jobs—keeping their gaming machines, quiet, cool, and safe.

“Most of the power supplies on the market provide very little in the area of user-protection technologies,” Suo says. “ePower’s patented Top Silence technologies, User-Protection technologies, and Green-Concept technologies are applied in our entire line of power supplies targeted at gamers. ePower is not only focusing on providing the best quality PSUs, but is also devoted to considering making the health of our customers a priority.”

ePower PSUs feature a number of innovations that can make the gaming experience—and that of other computer users—more enjoyable. The Company’s Top Silence Technologies include:

Better than-Fanless Technology in the Lion Silent Engine series: This PSU provides a standby fan (running under demand only) and an additional external heatsink on the computer casing’s rear panel. Using this unit, users should hear no noise coming from the PSU before the inside temperature reaches the thermal setting.

23dBA-at-60% Load Technology: This innovation is provided in all of ePower’s Silent Engines. The 23dBA at 60% load technology makes ePower’s Silent Engine the quietest power supply available.

Thermal Fan Speed Control Technology: The fan control switch on ePower PSUs (which include Auto, Low, and Medium selections) is provided to adjust all three fans to the same tempo at the same time. The three-speed control switch allows users to adjust the fan speed manually to maximize the cooling while minimizing noise.

PSU Controlled System Ultra Quiet Technology: Silent Engine’s special cables for connecting the system’s case fans can make entire system Ultra Quiet. 

User Protection
ePower’s innovative User-Protection Technologies have been developed to protect users while they are working or playing on their computers. These include:

ePower EMI Reducing Technology: ePower’s PSUs feature a Titanium casing, providing a conductive and radiation-reducing characteristic. The special casing also adds a unique, mirrored effect, which looks as good as it performs.

Monitor Display: Silent Engine: This innovative and unique technology is applied with integrated shielded power leads for AGP and HDD power input. This special feature is intended to eliminate the familiar "Snow" and "Water Wave" effects users sometimes see in faster 3D gaming displays. The special AGP and HDD power leads are also available as upgrades in a single retail pack.

ePower’s GREEN-CONCEPT Technologies also include:

ePower’s patented ECASO (Enhanced Cooling After System Off) Technology: This innovation is intended to prolong the system’s life cycle by keeping the power supply’s fans running and cooling the system for three minutes or more after system shut down.

Energy Saving and System Peripherals Protection Technology: To save energy and to provide protection against potential fire risks due to overheating, an additional AC outlet is provided to allow users to use an extension cord to have all connected system peripherals automatically be shut off via the system’s software shutdown function.

ePower’s Silent Engines are endowed with electrical protection technologies that include OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), and ESFP (Electric-Shock-Free Protection) to protect the user’s system from abnormal power surges. On the aesthetic and functional side, some ePower Silent Engines are assembled with an AC Input Auto Switch, open-window casing, LED lighting, and UV Cable Wrap. All Silent Engines are SATA ready. 

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